(1) If you have made a withdrawal, your balance has not yet fallen

wait until the blockchain is fully completed,

be patient and wait for the confirmation process to complete.

(2) Five hours have passed and my balance has not yet reached my wallet.

- Make sure your address is correct,

be aware that currency can have large block cores and can take up to 2 days or more to be processed by the blockchain.

(3) My address is correct.

but it hasn't fallen yet.

 (4) Step.

You need to send the following data to check your status

- Your verified email address

- Type of currency / token

- Quantity withdrawn

- Pick-up address

- Transaction ID (TxID) in text format

- Pictures of withdrawal history

(5) Our support or help team as soon as possible.

Observe or provide all necessary information, which increases the priority for solving your problem.

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Attention: If the blockchain status shows "Completed", it means that a Dogex successfully transfers coins / tokens to you.

If you’re still having trouble, contact the owner of the destination address.

Note: we are not responsible for lack of attention / if you transfer to the wrong address

you will not get a currency refund.