Use 2FA for your security

( 1) Step

-  Log in to your account, welcome page.

-  Search my account, just follow the proposed steps.

-  Keep your key so as not to risk someone who intends to steal your data

don't pass it on to anyone.

(2) I performed all the procedures, but I am unable to access my account, try again or use other browsers, if the problem persists, contact dogex support

(3) I don't want to use 2FA

you are free to uninstall,

Note: You will be responsible for your own risks and losses, so it is extremely important that you use 2FA

For your safety.

(4) I lost my phone, I need to recover my account

For some reason, you lost your phone or it was stolen, you didn't lose your account

you need to send us a ticket.

(5) step

- You need to send photographic documents.

- You need to send us a self from your face.

- You need to send a document with details of what happened.

- You need to send us the following access data: email / username.

 Our team has up to three days to respond, be careful not to send multiple tickets, talking about the same problem, as they may delay your request even further.